“you’re searching for freedom, it doesn’t exist” -mom

August 9, 2008 at 12:46 pm Leave a comment

I’m not as good at deciphering intentions as i used to think i was. If judgments are generalizations based on past experience then there is a strong possibility to become like the cat who sits on a hot stove and then refuses to sit on any stove, hot or cold ever again. My ambition is to avoid a ‘life of habit’ and pride is what i feel when i succeed in some way. The obvious difficulty is knowing when to stay open and when to be resolute. One of my reasons for traveling is to learn this skill by practicing being ajar in diverse environments.

ps. How do you justify your trip to people who have never traveled anywhere except Miami, or who’s idea of going “abroad” is going to an all-inclusive resort in some poor country where a nice time is synonymous with getting a nice tan?

Backbacking is a job on its own. You need to be resourceful and wise, you need to SEE opportunities and you need to be able to take responsibility for yourself – shelter, transportation – if you’re constantly on the move these are constant checkpoints for you. It’s a learning experience. A struggle. I had moments in India when i felt so lost and exhausted when things didn’t work out that i cried because i couldn’t take the pressure. These are extremes and they are exciting. How do i explain to people who are satisfied with monotony (and [in theory] there is nothing wrong with monotony) that i need to break it to feel well?


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