August 22, 2008 at 4:29 am 1 comment

i didn’t sleep the night before my departure, because i had to pack and clean and i like to take my time. also, i hoped that not sleeping would leave me exhausted enough so as not to feel angsty sitting for 20+ hours. well… it did :)

but before that…

i arrived in good time to the airport. having 45 minutes until boarding time i decided to relax in the gate area, putting my head on my shoulders and legs in mermaid position on the chairs. then i woke up. the sight of unfamiliar faces was one clue and the time (12:36pm) another (plane was set to depart at 12.35). i was on the outskirts of the gate so i couldn’t just call out to the attendents. i tried to stand up but my left leg was asleep. i couldn’t even put my sandal on it properly. i stummbled to the attendents, hastily explained the predicament, stummbled back to my seat, got my things, nervously got my socked feet into my sandals, and tried to walk. i gave her my ticket as she told me she couldn’t gaurantee that i was going to make it. her only suggestion (and effort to help) was to tell me to hurry. “but my foot… it’s asleep, i can’t walk..” she ignored me. i got into the passage way towards the plane, the one that gradually decreases in height, and by my 4th step lost my balance as my left foot failed me.. landing on my left knee and right wrist. as i struggled to get up, i saw the door to the gate get closed, and i thought of how comical it would be if i really missed the plane because of a sleepy leg.

the passage seemed longer and with more turns than i felt used to, but i made it :)


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10 hours Bangkok

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    […] never use Northwest or Delta again. They refused to credit the fee they charge for ticket changes (and they SHOULD because of this incident) and it took over an hour to reach an agent with whom to discuss this! His response when i told him […]


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