“Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do.” – Wilde

February 7, 2009 at 5:26 pm 1 comment

While most people i know run their lives in correlation with the job market, i’ve generally sheltered myself from thoughts about the necessity of employment. The possibility of working day after day with the same people, putting up with their expectations and insecurities, is a very bleak prospect…

I lack a “democratic” character. I’ve always been attracted to Plato’s idea of an “enlightened monarch” because i worry that too many participants in a thing will corrupt the quality of its outcome. It’s this desire for the best that keeps me from seeing anything as “just work” to be completed and forgotten.

Nothing is more means than end for me… I don’t just write a paper for class because it’s an assignment to be graded – i write it because it expresses some part of me that i want to express; I don’t go to college just to get a degree for a job – i go because i think education will make me a happier person; I don’t go to work simply because the job pays well – i go because i enjoy working. I am aware that this idealism is not always beneficial to my mental health (the # of school assignments i’ve handed in late simply because i couldn’t write them in accordance with my standards and the immense stress this caused…) or fruitful (i have yet to get my BA because i still have an incomplete on my record).

Co-teaching for the past 3 months has only re-confirmed my inability to compromise and work with others fruitfully. The frustration of having to share the work with others who butcher it (in my mind) makes me dizzy and weak. And so i anticipate participation in the working world with angst.

I guess i can choose to be like these Khmer women instead…


…tame and unenthusiastic about work.

Here are members of other species who also don’t work…


Seriously though, i want to work. But i want to do something that is satisfying in itself without compromising its quality.


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mosquitoes finding and loosing focus

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  • 1. dina  |  February 8, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Sure you like the quote. I like it too :)


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