waking up from hybernation

February 22, 2009 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

I waited till sundown to begin my search for a guest house and i didn’t even take a map with me or make a list of places to view…

I decided to check out the O’rusey market area first. I found one option (Dragon guest house) that might be suitable. They have a patio with a restaurant and wifi. The view of the street doesn’t seem bad and the aura seems friendly. The other guest houses in the area all had that unkept unwelcoming vibe common in Cambodian guest houses. You can recognize these places because they are always surrounded by massive gates and have the same rectangular lobby for the reception.

The next area i went to is Lakeside which is considered the tourist center of Phnom Penh. I am not overly fond of lakeside, the tourists are too loud and drink too much and the moto and tuk-tuk drivers there are the worst of the lot. But lakeside has… a lake … that is until it is completely filled in by the Korean developors to whom the Cambodian government sold the lake too!

I think that working on my paper on the lake would really help me concentrate. But i worry about security on lakeside and i’ve heard too many stories about theft. So i don’t know what to do. Join the zoo on lakeside, go to Dragon and watch the life on the street while i finish my paper, or … take my friend’s offer and be his roommate for 2 weeks.

This is stressful.


My section of the room in the volunter house. There's no clothes in my cabinet because they are all on my bed! (Along with my books, laptop, and toiletries)


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