Northwest airlines suck

May 18, 2009 at 9:07 pm 1 comment


I vow to never use Northwest or Delta again. They refused to credit the fee they charge for ticket changes (and they SHOULD credit because of this incident) and it took over an hour to reach a customer service agent! His response when i told him i will never use his airline again because of their negligence and indifference to customer satisfaction and safety?


(a minute later)

“So do you still want to change your ticket?”

I’ll be home on July 15! xoxo

Other unsatisfied customers

Northwest sucks…oooooh yea!


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Ko Chang What are you doing!?

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  • 1. John smith  |  July 10, 2009 at 2:11 am

    I will also never use Northwest airlines avar again. Beside charging to many fees to really wrie about the deception of the company is unacceptable. I purchased a ticket for travel in Aug 09. Due to certain circumstances I needed to modify my ticket. The ticket was a round trip from florida to michigan. I got a good price of 179.00 round trip. The operator who I called was more than willing to make the change after a LONG wait. Then the operator stated that there would be a “change fee”. I said ok well how much is that. She checked at said 150.00!. I said on a 179.00 ticket you want to charge me 150.00! She laughed and said I guess you better just leave it like it is.
    I want everyone to BEWARE of these poor business tactics. This is another example of BIG business rigging the system to steal money from customers. You will notice that the company will even tell you the is no cancelation fee on the tickets they provide. What they don’t tell you is there is a CHANGE FEE though that is 150.00 for all discount rate tickets. Which by the way is what they consider nearly every ticket they sell.
    My suggestion, Southwest airlines is the way to go. They are a wonderful airline to fly with, have reasonable rates and no hidden fees. If you cancel a ticket with them they will let you use the FULL value on another flight. They will only refund full price tickets but at least they will not STEAL your from the discounted online tickets. The money is just held in your name for you to use later.
    I must say I’ve used Northwest in the past and had no issues. Unfortunatally now that Delta is involved I can assure you that Northwest will be like delta now. Which is not a good thing. Delta has a terrible customer satisfaction record. So remember when booking a “Northwest” or “KLM” ticket you will be flying Delta. Good by Northwest airlines.


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