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May 27, 2010 at 7:53 am 2 comments

Hello dear readers of my blog.

Loans posted by my MFI last month are about to expire because they have not been fully funded. This means, that although these borrowers have received the loan they requested already, it won’t be supported by Kiva, meaning that fewer future borrowers from my MFI will be able to borrow!

Generally, countries in Africa and Southeast Asia receive funding much quicker than countries in Central Asia and eastern Europe because of preconceived notions about what poverty is. True, none of the 4 borrowers I met today were starving. On the contrary they greeted us warmly, fed us tea and pastries. But it’s important to understand, that without credit, these individuals cannot improve their business and grow. Their opportunities are limited. In a post-communist developing economy like Azerbaijan’s, self sufficiency is important. By helping these folks expand their businesses, we the lenders create opportunities for their communities & children! By supporting a farmer who wants to buy more seeds or fertilizer we are helping his neighbors buy local and inexpensive food! By supporting a hair stylist we are helping the network of local women and their self esteem! As a business becomes more financially successful, the children of borrowers can pursue their own interests – university, music lessons, sports instead of being limited by poverty.

Click *here* to make a loan. Contribute to the loans that you think have the most probability of being fully funded, because a loan must be fully funded to receive Kiva funds!

Çox sağ olun!
(thank you)


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