Kittens and stupid American cinema

June 5, 2010 at 2:44 am 1 comment

The other night as I was walking home I found a very tiny kitten. Deciding that she was too young not to get hit by a car (she was after all walking on the street and there was a car coming) and unsure of whether a mother cat was around, I grabbed her and took her home.

My roommates are either allergic or against cats (or both) so I couldn’t keep her, and my original plan to bring her to my office courtyard to join the two other kittens down there was thwarted by my fellow Azeri employee who told me “you can’t do that!” After a 3 hour sleep, a kitten bath, flees, diarrhea, feeding attempts and a kitten with a face covered in egg yolk (what was I suppose to feed her???), I took off trying to find someone to take her.

Baku is cat city. There are felines everywhere. Though not all people are indifferent to them, people here do not see cats as “little babies” worth much attention. They are more like a background. Even cars receive more attention (with the constant washing).

My first stop was the corner store which refused to take the kitten. “We already have one” was their reply. “Just one?” I thought, starting to rationalize that if each store cared for at least 3 cats, their living situation would be much better!

A middle aged woman shopping in the store took interest in my kitten and after 15 minutes of looking her over and explaining that she was unsure, let me follow her back to the communal apartment where she lived and deposit the kitten there, who quickly pranced away from sight. The woman wanted a kitten for her 12 year old son and promised that regardless of whether she ended up keeping her or not she would not throw her back on the street. “At least not until another month when she’s old enough to fend for herself” I said.

The woman knows where I live and I hope that she doesn’t come knocking on our door with the kitten ready to return to me. I never told her about the diarrhea…

Yesterday, my co-worker and I went to the movies. And what did we see if not one of the most culturally insensitive American chick-flicks dubbed in Russian? Before we arrived at the cinema, I explained to my co-worker that reviews of this film that I read described it as being “anti-Muslim.” After seeing the film, I explained that this film was one of the reasons religious fundamentalists hate Americans and that instead of carefully bridging the gap between America and the Middle east, it exacerbated it by parading these vapid, materialistic, barely-clad, insensitive women around as symbols of America. The film isn’t about individuality, self expression, or self realization – the America we should be sharing with the world – but about the obnoxious and sheltered existence of Americans. Nevertheless, my Azeri co-worker liked the movie.

See this very true and funny review.


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  • 1. Krysta  |  June 21, 2010 at 2:34 am

    My sister said she had never been so simultaneously bored and offended.


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