First, buy a backpack because they are the most comfortable way to travel with your things if you’re going to more than one place. There are unisex models and female-specific ones. Going to a sports store and trying on a range of packs (with weight inside em’) is a very good idea! I recommend a 40-60 liter pack.


Besides my backpack, there are two other things I wouldn’t want to travel without:

1. The most essential thing I own (I may even value it more than my passport!) is my menstrual cup. It’s a reusable silicone cup I use every month for about a week. In other words: I forget I have a menstrual cycle because of how comfortable and convenient this cup is! They’ve been around for almost a century and are pretty popular among alternative hippy-ish chicks like me… but even conservative chicks should be comfortable… and this is the best thing since $%#@! =)


Don’t buy the disposable cups sold in pharmacies. They don’t work as well. It usually takes about 2 cycles to learn how to use your cup properly and there’s even an online forum to help you. I’ve been using mine for almost 4 years.

2. I also love my shoes. I own these.


They are the most comfortable, versitile shoes I’ve ever had and if you’re be traveling to a warm climate don’t bother taking sneakers for those hiking trips. These sandals will suffice because they have awesome traction and are coated with zinc so they’ll never offend anyone’s nose!

Besides these, take as little as possible. But do take some small light suveniers (coins, pins, postcards, maps) to give to the nice people you’ll meet :)


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