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Cooking and mountain biking

Yesterday i took a cooking course to learn more about some of the Thai dishes i’ve been eating. It was fun. I made pad thai (noodles with egg, tofu, spices), some kind of curry with coconut milk (not so good), papaya salad (using the young green papaya fruit i’ve never seen in the US, plus tomato, spices, and lime), vegetable spring rolls, stir fried sweet and sour vegetables (veggies + pineapple), and fried bananas for dessert. We got to eat everything we made. The last part of the course was most exciting because to stir fry the vegetables we first added onion with water to a wok full of soy oil which produced a thick flame that lasted for several seconds. Each of us made our own flame. When i saw mine i thought it was too big, larger than the teacher’s example, and that i was about to burn down the kitchen…


Today i went mountain biking in Suthep National park. I’ve never done this before and figured i’m probably an intermediate since i’ve been biking since i was 5. However the owner of the tour rightly prevented me from pursuing the intermediate course and put me in the easier group. However easy was not easy. It was raining in the morning and during our ride which created lots of mud.. some so deep that my bike would sink in it. And it was so slippery. This is where i had the most trouble and fell a lot. I have bruises everywhere. The worst decision i made though was wearing shorts. The guy who booked this for me told me to wear shorts…. and realizing the only shorts i had were shorts i wore those. I didn’t know that the wet sand would scrub my inner thighs down and make them raw! After it stopped raining and i regained my confidence i had a really fun time. I stopped breaking all the time (99% of my falls came from unneccessary breaking and speading) and started going down hill without problem. Even though my hips, thighs, and legs are bruised i can’t wait to do this again.. probably next week.

Going downhill, I thought of you Misha…. it would have been fun to have you here. I’m looking forward to going mountain biking with you when i’m back ..and you won’t even have to teach me! …remember what a good snowboarding tutor you were? :)


On Sunday i’m going to Pai for a few days before i return to Chiang Mai and then go to Chaing Rai which is also only about 3 hours away by bus… Chiang Rai is known as the “golden triangle” because it is located near the intersection between three empires: China, Loas, and Thailand. I hear it’s beautiful and it’s also the location of an orphanage i’m looking to volunteer in..


Goodnight everyone.


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Chiang Mai

I like Chiang Mai a lot. Compared to Bangkok it has a calmer vibe and a better climate. It’s hot during the day but cool at night which is a change i couldn’t look forward to in Bangkok. I’ve been here 3 days staying with my CS host Chris, who introduced me to this delicious Thai vegetarian restaurant Khun Churn that has a buffet every day during lunch time. They have so much tasty food that i’ve been there 3 times in a row and i still look forward to going and going. It is extremely cheap too, even by Chiang Mai standards. 80 baht per person (about $2.80). Tomorrow i’m going on a 3 day trek… so don’t expect to hear from me until Sep 3! I’m going to be riding elephants, rafting, hiking…

 I have some issue with the way elephants are treated in Thailand. The owner of the guest house that is arranging my trek suggested that since working elephants are no longer needed, the Thai use them for tourism because without that income they wouldn’t be able to afford their expensive upkeep. This does and doesn’t make sense. If elephants are no longer needed, stop letting them breed. Castrate them. Let them die out humanely

 I’ve been ignoring these elephant ride ads until today.. i suppose i really want to see for myself what it is like.. I hope i am not assisting in more cruelty than there already is. Maybe my fee will help the elephants by relaxing the mahout…because if he doesn’t have to worry about poverty maybe he’ll treat the elephants better? Maybe.

August 30, 2008 at 7:11 pm 2 comments

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