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Back in Chiang Mai

I stayed in Pai for 6 days, and every morning i said to myself tomorrow i will leave. Then night would come and i would change my mind. I didn’t like my guest house. I didn’t know anyone else staying there and when i would return late at night there was only the river and the bugs to welcome me. It was frightening… darkness and solitude. I planned to change houses the first morning but i woke up too late for check-out and the following mornings i was never sure if i would stay or leave the next day. But Pai was a special place and i met some special people. Ming, Donald, Aviad, thank you :)


September 13, 2008 at 8:54 pm 2 comments


Pai is interesting. It’s a small village amidst the mountains in northern Thailand, close to the Burmese border. Only 20 years ago, there was no electricity here. Now there’s an airport, several banks, and hundreds of tourists. There are few travelers here now because it’s low season (rainy), but during the hot season, Jan-March, it gets extremely crowded. Even now though it can get very lively… 


this whole hut is mine. it’s near the Pai river.


Lisu (a tribe in northern Thailand) kids returning from school


Chinese village



September 8, 2008 at 10:56 pm 1 comment

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