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I have a childish disdain of politics. Because i don’t believe i can influence government directly i don’t bother to know the news. This is problematic, but thus far my limited knowledge hasn’t made much difference in my life. (Although i must admit to getting excited when i saw Mccain had chosen a woman for VP). So when my father sent me an email urging me to get out of Bangkok because of a possibility of civil war, i laughed. War in Thailand? But everything seems so peaceful. The Thai people are proudly wearing yellow and displaying pictures of the queen and king everywhere, no one seems agitated and there are no rallys anywhere. But this impression was wrong.

I don’t know much but i’ll try to summarize what my Thai friend Chris has told me and what i’ve read online at

A large number of Thais are fed up with the current government and accuse them of corruption. Two years ago, they disposed of the prime minister Thaksin while he was in New York and set up a temporary government that was supposed to rewrite the consitution and find solutions to the consequences of Thaksin’s corruption. Instead of serving the people as promised, the new government continued Thaksin’s legacy. Now the people want to dipose of them. Many have come to Bangkok to protest. Trains throughout Thailand are offering free passage to anyone who wants to come to Bangkok and join the “mob.” In this mob are students, businessmen, rural folk, the wealthy and affluent, the middle class, the poor. They wear yellow in honor of the king. Yesterday a court order called for the protesters to leave the property of the prime minister but they have refused. So today policeman tried to physically remove them resulting in some violence. However, the army (so far) refuses to get involved.


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