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My last night in Vang Vieng was spent outside with a cat. Just kidding, it wasn’t as extreme as that.

I returned to my room in Nam Song Garden guest house (nice place if you guys are curious) and started doing my bed time routine. Popping pimple, washing, etc. It didn’t take long to notice the strange bugs on the wall. I couldn’t decide if they were spiders or mosquitoes stuck in a spider’s web. It had been raining all day and the netting on top of the wall that kept bugs out had broke, so i figured they must have come in through that. After imagining several dozen new mosquito bites in the morning and a case of malaria i convinced myself that it was okay and i should just go to sleep. Then i saw him!

He was sitting on my towel in the bathroom, his whiskers gently moving. I started to have anxiety… I couldn’t imagine a way to move this giant roach out of the bathroom successfully. I needed to find someone to do it because i couldn’t sleep with him so close to me! (I couldn’t shut the door to the bathroom because there is no door) I went outside. Then back in. Maybe he had dissapeared. But no he was still there, cleaning himself or eating or something. I thought of ways to catch him. I grabbed a plastic bag. I took a few more walks outside. I turned on the light outside. I hope that the Norwegien owner of the house would wake up or that i would see some one outside. The house cat was sleeping and i sat next to him, carressed him roughly a few times, and returned to my room. I realized i could go down the road to some guys i knew, but if they came they would definetely make a lot of noise and wake everyone up. I didn’t want that. I thought of what a baby i was being and decided to wrap myself in my sleeping bag and just sleep.

As soon as i got inside the bag and closed it i heard a noise on the bed. I imagined rats like the ones i had seen in the afternoon for sale at the market, before they were killed and skinned. I didn’t want to sleep with rats. I took my cell phone which was next to me (i use it as an alarm clock) and turned it on. Using the light from it i did a survey of the bed. And what i saw next to me, on the other pillow, gave way to my impusle to scream…. and i did. It seemed to take a long time to unwrap myself out of the sleeping bag and by the time i did the Norwegien and his Lao wife were at the door asking what i had seen. “A spider?” he asked with a sense of humour. “No!!!! A giant roach on the pillow looking at me!”

He killed the roach on the towel in the bathroom and flushed him down the toilet (it was unfortunate, because as ugly as he was i didn’t want him killed). But we couldn’t find the roach on the bed. Maybe i imagined him, i don’t know….




Now i’m in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It’s very hot. I am staying with someone through couchsurfing. He lives 15 minutes (by bicycle) outside the city center, away from the tourists. He is nice and i’m glad i decided to couchsurf here, but i miss the noise and nightlife that comes with tourists. So tomorrow or the day after i will find a room here in the center. I need to stay in Vientiane until Monday at least because that’s when my visa for Vietnam will be ready. I went to the embassy today and guess how long the application process took? 5 minutes!

So now i have 17 days left in Laos. I think i will go by overnight bus to Pakse (south of Laos) on the 6th, and then make my way further south to the island known as “A thousand islands” and then head by busses to the north, making stops along the way. On the 19th i plan to be back in Vientiane and take a flight to Hanoi. The bus ride to Hanoi from Vientiane is about 24 hours, and i promised myself during my first trip abroad when i took Eurobus around Europe that i will never make long trips by bus if i can avoid it ever again.




My host has a television and last night he was watching a news program that had news from all over the world. They even had a segment on baseball and it was so similar to the kind of baseball news i would have seen had i been in New York, i missed home.


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