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I hate:

– that there are hardly any street signs here
– the dirty toilets with no toilet paper, sinks, soap…
– the travelers who travel simply to find another location for getting drunk
– traveler arrogance, loudness, sameness, indifference to local problems

I love:

– being surrounded by dogs and cats who spend most of their day relaxing on the street
– the freedom & independence i feel
– Thai foods, desserts, and bottled green tea
– the friendliness of Thai people


On sharing:

There is one thing especially that makes me uncomfortable about traveling. Sharing. Because of the transient nature of relationships during travels, the balance between giving and taking is off. I recall splitting a bill in India and feeling ashamed at the care my travel partners took to make sure everyone paid their share exactly and avoiding sharing during the meal. It’s possible that my budget was bigger than theirs, but unlikely. This is a common behavior among travelers and yet it repulses me.

I don’t feel good not sharing. It feels greedy. But even when people do try to share their meals i usually can’t participate (if there is meat) and yet there is an obligation i feel to offer my dish. This happens often. What am i to do? I don’t want to buy more just to have enough for myself and to share with the others if they are not going to reciprocate with something of value to me (something vegetarian in the case of eating). I met an English monk in Bangkok who angrily stated that giving should not require getting. I disagreed with him because i like balances… and in my experience there must be a give and take in any situation (not necessarily a material one of course) for the participating individuals not to feel slighted. I don’t know how to act in these situations. I don’t want to be the person who hoards my share, and yet i don’t want to give what is mine (particularly in situations where what i have is limited and necessary for my needs.. as when traveling to areas where vegetarian options are nonexistent and having to depend on what i bring with me).

I feel that the best way to create a reciprocical environment is by setting an example myself… and i will continue trying…


September 6, 2008 at 6:42 pm 2 comments

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