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I’m a confident person but i stumble when things don’t go my way. I changed guest houses today because the one i chose yesterday did not suite me — it had tiny insects (ants?) crawling all over the bed so i ended up sleeping in my sleeping bag on the floor. The guest house i wanted to stay in originally, Ahka River House, was outside the city center, and i couldn’t find a tuk tuk to take me. I’m stubborn when it comes to $ here because i don’t like feeling cheated, so when the first driver quoted me 100 baht to take me to a place that i felt was very close, i said no. He refused my price, 30 baht so off i went on foot. The following drivers i met did not know where to go, so talking about price wasn’t necessary. It’s a strange experience to show a person a map and see the confusion in their face. Most Thai people don’t know how to read maps. I found the area of the guest house but couldn’t find the house itself. Their were no signs, no one spoke english, or understood my map, or recognized the name. I was hot and my bag was heavy. After my second trip from street to street i threw my bags on the dirty road and sat there, crying. It was pathetic. I couldn’t hold out against the pressure… And then (as always) it happend. A man stuck his head out of a window and asked what i was looking for. “Akha River House” i said and he understood. He pointed me around the corner and there it was, less than 50 meters from where i had sat to cry.


September 15, 2008 at 8:58 pm 1 comment

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