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Finally uploaded to youtube!

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Tiger Leaping Gorge and a poor attempt to express my views on interaction between travelers and locals.


One of the most famous canyons in the world is located in China’s Yunnan province. At sixteen kilometers long, the Tiger Leaping Gorge runs along the Yangtze River, the third longest in the world. My hike through the gorge began in the village Qiaotou, where the pansexual proprietor of Jane’s guesthouse took in backpacks of those travelers who planned to continue further north after the hike. After insisting we photograph the large map with routes and her phone number on the wall she wished us good luck and we set off.

The entrance fee to the gorge is 50 Yuan, but a 50% discount is available to anyone with a (self-made or authentic) student ID card. The gorge takes its name after a tiger who supposedly leaped 25 meters across the river as he ran from the hunters pursuing him.

Our group of 9 met at Mama Naxi’s guesthouse in Lijiang. Every day travelers meet at this amiable guest house, become friends over the communal dinner at 6 o’clock and make plans to hike the length of the gorge together.

The hike lasted two days. As we climbed we met an old Naxi woman. She had a loaded basket strapped to her shoulders and seemed many times more at ease than us on the rocky path. Desiring to capture and remember this eccentric and charming woman, I took out my camera. “Three Yuan” she said in Mandarin.



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