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Mountain climbing drop out

Ton Sai is a really beautiful place. The water of the Andaman sea isn’t as warm as the Gulf of Thailand (in Sihanoukville) but it’s just as blue and clear. The aura is different too. There are more families with small kids, mostly Scandinavians, and fewer peddlers trying to sell you fruits, massages, and other things. And there are the mountain peaks..




I tried mountain climbing for the first time yesterday. I lasted for about 5 minutes on the mountain. One of my worst fears is that my hands wont have enough strength to support my weight, this is why i rarely do the zip line thing (the rope thing that slides you into the water before you jump from 3-10 meters into it, really common in Vang Vieng). I got a whole meter off the ground before i chickened out again =(




March 31, 2009 at 1:11 pm 2 comments

Ton Sai

It took us 2 days to get to Ton Sai, a peninsula near Krabi, famous for it’s mountain climbing.

We left Bangkok sometime after noon and made it to Hua Hin, a resort city some 200 kilometers away, via hitchhiking by sunset just in time to see the grand concoction of clouds and the sun’s fading luminosity as it filtered through them.

Here are pictures of the west, north, and east glimpses of the sky…




Reasoning that hitching in the dark wouldn’t be as fun and easy, we caught a bus to Prachuap Khiri Khan, an hour away, and spent the night in a guest house there. The next morning we hitched all the way to Aonang from where we caught the 15 minute boat to Ton Sai.

March 29, 2009 at 5:34 pm 1 comment

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